Perpetual Motion Machines

For decades, the bulk of the world’s scientific and intellectual communities have vehemently opposed the mere thought that a perpetual motion machine could possibly exist. They have consistently retained their unreasonable and misinterpreted stance that any perpetually running machine is as much of a myth as the unicorn or telepathy, claiming that nothing short of a miracle could bring upon the creation of such an astonishing device. Well, I am happy to inform you that a miracle is just what I’ve performed, right here, now, a miracle in the 21st century!!! This achievement is the culmination of 60 years of research and hard work, accompanied by my iron will and a 24-7 dream that started while I was only a 15 year old high school physics student (in Tehran Iran). This dream of mine was further developed during my seven years of study at the University of California Berkeley, and reached perfection on 04/04/04. So, my advice to all those conformed scientists who oppose the truth is, promptly stop whining and complaining, and begin dining and dancing, as the world will soon be jubilantly engaged in celebration as the world’s first fully functional perpetual motion machines arrive. This is especially true when we consider the fact that our planet earth might just be the only life sustaining celestial body that we will know of within the foreseeable future, even with our wealth of knowledge and intricate scientific instruments. So, this Fourth of July will stand as the world’s day of Independence from the shackles of inferior and detrimental energy sources, and will be the closest thing to a true miracle this world has, or will ever see. However, assistance from the University of California, Berkeley (My beloved higher education institute where I earned my Masters Degree in Architecture, which is a field of creation) is necessary in order to utilize my ingenious creations as quickly as possible; for even with my substantially knowledgeable and versed sense of ingenuity and will, I lack the precious manpower (specifically those within the fields of physics, as well as hydraulic and mechanical engineers) and industrial resources necessary to get my invention into production within a very short time frame, such as the few remaining days between now and this Fourth of July. This is why I am proposing that UC Berkeley join me in my crusade for humanity, which will be announced this Fourth of July.

It seems rather redundant and unnecessary to remind and emphasize to you all how important the continuous flow of energy throughout the world is, for without it we couldn’t enjoy the many amenities and luxuries that make life enjoyable, or even the very important ones which make sustainable life possible (we are now witnessing revolutions throughout the four corners of the world, which may lead to a massive civil war, due to the skyrocketing gas prices. We will depend on energy to facilitate in the labor orientated aspects of our work filled lives (via heavy machinery and powerful engines), as well as the analytical parts (through the use of sophisticated computers), despite the many negative byproducts that go hand and hand with its use. These consequences include environmental detriments, long hard labor, and immense monetary costs, which eventually precipitates into 90% of the world’s problems. The recent hype about Global Warming suggests that humans have had a major destructive influence on our environment, which means that only through our ingenuity and resourcefulness can we see our way out of this global predicament.

Our planet earth is indeed a true gem; no other planets, within the vast stretch of galaxies that our satellites have been able to probe, even remotely contain the precious life sustaining resources that our planet provides. Through the universe’s 15 billion year existence, our planet has endured over 4 billion years of evolution, resulting in the creation of an exceptionally intelligent group of species, human beings. Our ingenuity has allowed us to tackle many obstacles, such as creating powerful vehicles capable of traversing the vast oceans, skies, and even the great celestial heavens. However such conquests came with a heavy price, one that could undoubtedly tear the world apart. This price that I am jadedly referring to is energy, for it is this commodity for which we will do anything to attain, whether it be depriving nations of food, financially harming hundreds of millions of people, or even engaging in wars to control energy sources (such as oil); it is for this powerful entity alone, that our world is plagued with unimaginable problems. It is therefore needless to remind or emphasize the consequences and negative side effects of our ever increasing thirst and hunger for more energy, a precious and very necessary commodity.

Our thirst for more energy has become intensified by our technical advancements, to the point at which we are forced to focus our attention towards the complete understanding and manipulation of this valuable resource. However, if we don’t make some pivotal changes quickly, then our planet will be too unfit to live on within just a few decades.  These problems precipitate from the use of combustible energy sources (such as coal, oil, and natural gases), as well as from nuclear power plants (whose hazardous wastes emit harmful beta and gamma wave radiation), but most are a direct result of the global economy’s fierce dependency on the few nations whom harbor these precious commodities. Such fossil fuel resources are growing scarce but are still in very high demand; one that is ever increasing, as many of the world’s most populated countries, such as China or India, begin growing in economic status, thus necessitating more energy to accommodate their living. Such enormous demand gives rise to ridiculous prices, allowing for oil suppliers and speculators to reap 300% profits; how long will it take for these margins to reach 800%?  These energy sources are also quickly becoming the primary catalysts of war in an increasingly desperate world.  In response to this precarious dilemma of ours, all we hear about are the many different types of “band-aid solutions” that we can use to only slow down the negative effects of our environmental peril.

Sadly these impotent mitigation efforts will only reduce the threat by an insignificant degree, while some will actually exacerbate the situation by bringing upon a massive starvation pandemic. In such a dire situation it is quite clear that the negative consequences of these new energy plans will greatly outweigh the comparatively petty benefits. I am specifically referring to the use of bio-fuels (fuels that utilize the chemical potential energy stored in carbohydrates such as ethanol, as opposed to the hydrocarbons found in oil) to cleanly operate machines (automobiles, aircrafts, etc…). It’s not that these energy sources are horribly inefficient; it’s simply that the costs and the amount of land required in harvesting the large amounts of these bio-fuels that such a massive population would demand, would dramatically reduce the space left for farmers to grow crops to feed the world’s six billion people. On May 13th, 2008, while watching Fox News, I saw a report of extreme food shortages in Egypt, to the extent that families were frantically scrambling through massive crowds (risking serious bodily harm or even death) to receive a small amount of bread from the back of a truck, to see their families through the coming week. Then the news reporter said that Bangladesh, one of the world’s poorest countries, donated $50,000 towards the aiding the unfortunate people in Egypt, with The United States donating one billion dollars as well. However, Saudi Arabia, a country renowned for their wealth gained through controlling a large portion of the world’s oil (resulting in their position as the beneficiaries of a 300% profit margin, due largely to gasoline’s price hike from $1 per gallon to $4 per gallon), haven’t donated a single solitary dime.

In light of the very limited amount of time left between now and this Fourth of July, 2008, in order to utilize and produce most of my designs, the University of California Berkeley should promptly call an urgent conference session to discuss what the course of action should be, in regards to what needs to be done first to get the ball rolling on this important global life saving issue. To expedite and facilitate with this monumental task, and to further develop and utilize my invention (before I secure my exclusive patent rights), all higher education institutions throughout the world are invited to work side by side with UC Berkeley’s renowned faculty and staff to deliver prosperity to the world. This will yield enormous positive results, since each university and college has their own specific field of expertise, for which they can make a contribution with, allowing the rapid progressing of this noble effort. The University should also be in charge of handling my patent rights, since they are a formidable institution capable of such a task, as well as the allocation and utilization of my royalties. Of course the Universities will have their fair share of the astronomical profits my invention will yield, and therefore will be allowed to award much more money in grants and student aid. Also, these academic institutions should establish a special field of study, devoted to creation, design, and invention.  

Recently, while watching the news, I heard about the United Nation’s ongoing investigation on the alleged racial atmosphere present within the United States government. Allegedly (according to the UN), the United States has severe cases of latent racism within its government. This of course is absurd, as this country is the only one in which an African American (such as Barack Obama) could ever be in a position to control a population whose primary demographic happens to be Caucasians. The United Nations, having an extreme biased towards the United States, has no right to accuse the United States of anything, as we are the moral backbone of the world, while they are simply a political faction we allow to operate within our own country. In other nations, terrorist leaders run wildly through city streets searching for anyone whom they believe to pose political threats to their organization. Then when the terrorists kidnap and apprehend their subject, there is no trial, or even an arrest, but instead the poor accused individual is shot dead on the very street where they once stood. This is the type of daily atrocities that many countries across the world are plagued with, yet the United States has become the subject of an investigation on fair treatment? This is even more ludicrous when you consider the fact that this country’s citizens are freely electing Barack Obama as president, which is of course the most powerful position this country has to bestow upon one of it’s finest; this clearly illustrates how biased the United Nations is towards the United States.

The good news is that, upon presentation and application of my dozens of designs and inventions of fully functional perpetual motion machines, 90% of the world’s problems will disappear. This will mean that everyone will have more time to relax and enjoy their lives (the time that would have been allocated towards the production and distribution of the energy needed to suit all of life’s many needs); the same will be true for all of the expenses that will be saved through the use of my inventions. The many problems associated with the various financial differentials between people will vanish, including explosions and structural collapses of coal mines, oil spills (resulting in the severe contamination of our oceans and the death of marine life), nuclear power plant catastrophes, etc., as well as the palpable animosity between different classes of people. In a nutshell, these problems will be remedied through the simple fact that every member of the world’s population will enjoy a significant increase in their wealth, allowing for a much higher standard of living for everyone. More time can be spent enjoying sports, traveling and vacationing, and embarking on other healthy recreational practices; this will ensure that everyone can enjoy paradise in their lifetime. This will be my legacy and gift (in accordance with the conditions stated in my website) to all of the world’s six billion person population, for they are each my beloved fellow occupants of the planet earth, and are my global citizens (Globins). This Fourth of July, 2008, I will present my unmatched ingenious invention to the citizens of the world. This day will stand as the single most important and unmatched event in the history of the world, the fruit of my success in conquering the Battle of the impossible achievement, a fully functional perpetual motion machines. This groundbreaking day, which originally only represented the independence of the American colonies from the British Empire, will now stand as the day of Global Independence from the enslaving bondage of energy suppliers and speculators.

This will be a true day of independence, breaking the chains of bondage that started over a century ago, growing stronger on a daily basis, while keeping up with the development progress, continuing to retain a natural step forward, feeding and nurturing our hunger for more and more comfort, provided by ever increasing discoveries, developments and improved gadgets, apparatuses, machines, appliances etc… all needing energy and power to operate and run. These factors are contributing to the most talked about recent subject of discussion, global warming.  Since it is very difficult to alter human nature for the wants, and the wants which are the main  causes of 90% of world’s ills such as global warming, I felt it was necessary to expedite the introduction of my invention, a solution that up to April, 04 2004,  (04-04-04)  did not exist. This day, before which no one had yet found in their global search, a solution (which the world direly needed), known as a perpetual motion machine, will soon revolutionize the world.

My will to succeed in conquering the impossible has remained incorrigible, despite the discouragement induced by the scientific community, who insist that it is impossible, causing the bondage and slavery which impede the progress of this vital necessity. These determents increase, intensify, and continue, while the solution invented by me in dozens of ways and methods have been ready for use since April, 4, 2004 (04-04-04). This was the historic day on which I had completed my many ingenious designs, which total in the dozens. This is a very significant number, that has unparalleled importance on earth as well as in the outside universe. An example of its importance can be seen when observing a circle, (the most important shape in mathematics) whose perimeter can be broken into exactly six segments, which is half of twelve. 3+4+5=12 a right angle triangle one of most useful phenomena of Geometry, 12 hours = ½ day,  six segments of circle x 2 = 12. 12 x 2 = 24 hours, 12 x 5 = 60 minutes in one hour, etc. Throughout planet earth and the universe which seems to be spherical composed of unlimited number of circles. The rest of my inventions will be revealed (improved designs, which are far more efficient, advanced, and easier to operate) during the international forum, in order to secure my patent rights for 120 years. The difference in quality, efficiency, and flexibility between the much more developed and advanced designs and the ones included in this report are as great as the difference between traveling by horse and buggy as opposed to traveling by maglev train, luxurious busses, or supersonic passenger aircrafts. The discrepancy is as strong as the comparable differences in efficiency, comfort, speed, power, availability, ease of use, and magnitude of the different designs. Due to a severe lack of time, my introduction date has been postponed to each and every memorable day. The plans were set in my mind for presentation, yet were not materializing, until I decided that this 4th of July 2008 would have to be the day. I am presenting global freedom from the bondage and slavery, created by the gross usage of harmful, destructive, and finite substance, by coordinating the transition to a clean, unlimited, and everlasting energy source. These sources offer great benefits and uses, with absolutely no negative effects; and they will last as much and as long as our hunger craving for it lasts. My perpetual motion machine will emancipate humankind from the slavery of finite energy sources, such as coal, oil, and the nuclear materials used in nuclear reactors (Uranium 235 and Plutonium 239). These elements are very harmful to human as well as the environment, which is why eliminating their usage is a vital necessity. From this day forward, the Fourth of July will stand for the day of global independence from the harmful, inefficient, and limited energy sources that impede the progress of humankind.

Through education, the goal will be to create a global government, similar to the United Nations. However, this government will have the proper power and authority for planning and the means to govern the World’s affairs execute relief efforts around the world. The plan is to use the revenue generated from royalties earned through my invention (which will be under the complete use and control of my nonprofit corporation), for the next 120 years, in order to provide free education to the world’s six billion person population. Education will unite the world and transform all the nations into one federal government, which would combine all military and police resources into one law enforcement agency. This agency would be administered through an international court of law to convert this world into a paradise-like condition, so that everyone could experience heaven in their lifetime. This Fourth of July, the entire world will now experience true happiness, under the new world order. 

Global United States of the Planet Earth,


Also, the youth of the world (especially here in America) desperately need some guidance to direct them towards their goals in life, and such mentoring can be witnessed today in the youth of Israel. In Israel all able bodied members of the nation, upon graduation from high school, must actively participate in two years of civilian oriented military service. This not only teaches them valuable lessons on responsibility and team work, but also makes them acutely aware of what their vocational skills and desires are, allowing them to be more prepared and enthusiastic about joining the workforce in their selected field of choice. I believe that such practices would surely benefit the youth of America, and within a few years the entire world will have been revamped into a more cohesive band of responsible professionals. Such a service would surly transform boys and girls into men and women, ready to face worldly action and solve problems.

Because of San Francisco’s (and the rest of the bay area as well) geographical location, which provides very comfortable paradise-like whether conditions, it is possible for it to be used indoors or outdoors twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the entire year, to plan and provide services to the whole world; as it has been the pioneer for the birth of untied nations, which needs a complete overhaul to plan, execute, and provide the benefits and services that it was intended to do, and with a decisive and unwavering practice. It is because of this fact, that I intend to acquire the available real estate and properties in the entire S.F. Bay Area Region, bordered by a circle of sixty miles radius centered in downtown S.F., containing the south, north, east, and west regions of the bay, and intend to designate it as the capital city of the world, to operate as the

GLOBAL united states of the planet earth.

Consider the enormous amount of funds each country or sovereign nation allocates from their budget to military, police, and special intelligence programs (30%-60%). With my plan, they would all be combined and operated under the management of the GUSPE; also, because all states would be united, there would be very little or no warfare and the aforementioned forces would gradually be assigned to more beneficial and practical civilian services. Please note that every plan and every decision made will be done so that all members of the world’s six billion person population, who will be financially harmed by the revolutionary changes, progresses and events, will be compensated to a degree both affordable to GUSPE and proportional to their losses.

In light of the Global Warming epidemic, The University of California, in Berkeley, has received a 500 million dollar grant to research possible alternative energy sources or improvements on existing ones (meaning sources other than fossil fuels), to help reduce the dangerous levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, as well as our dependence on foreign oil. In light of this news, I have a proposition; I propose that the University invite me to utilize their equipment and highly educated and skilled faculty, to engineer and produce dozens of working perpetual motion machines. Through spending only 1% of the ½ billion dollar grant (meaning five million dollars), along with the cooperation and support of the university to guarantee that my exclusive patent rights will be secured and last 120 years, I will solve the world’s problems. The machines that I produce will provide unlimited clean-air powered energy, which would not only reduce emissions, but eliminate them entirely. This will offer enormous benefits to the entire world 24-7 without any negative repercussions. As for my self, I am proposing to UC Berkeley, that they allocate just 1% of their $500,000,000.00 budget, provide me with a group of knowledgeable professors (who will act as consultants and witnesses during the development of my dozens of invented machines, each utilizing different principles of physics, in order to catch and address any overlooked flaws in physics, hydraulic engineering, mechanical engineering, and mathematics, and give me a few days to transform this world into a utopia, and turn the world of mechanical physics on its head. As of the very first minute of July, 4th, 2008, I will present the world with a true miracle, a perpetually motion machine capable of solving 90% of the world’s problems.

Also, since the need for war will automatically disappear and all problems will be handled in an international court of law, under the enforcement of one unified law enforcement agency, all present members of law enforcement (marines, navy, army, police, etc.) will spend their time and budgets on the expansion and development of helpful and constructive services for the community. In short, we will soon have more time and money than we know what to do with, all courtesy of me, Reza Valiyee, and my inventions, which will change the course of the world (planet earth) and its effects on the universe as well; so I welcome you to the future world and universe. I ask that you please review the details of my proposal in my article, which is conveniently posted on my internet website at


(WWW. Perpetual Unlimited Clean Air Self Powered Invented Machine .com)

 As soon as you read this letter, as it contains very important information regarding the future of our planet earth, if you wish to contact me, we can begin taking the appropriate preliminary steps and developing the right plan. The world needs a miracle to make it through the perils of Global Warming, and I am the only person in the world who can provide such a miracle; so if you are willing and ready, contact me so that we can take action immediately.

In order to get my idea off the ground, and secure a bright future for the world, I will require sponsorship and faculty assistance from the University of California Berkeley. The University has the means to allow production of this precious invention to occur within a short amount of time, while I could only manage to complete the production myself within a lengthily but reasonable period, while the world continued suffering longer while awaiting my miracle. Of course such a vast but unmatched noble investment on the University’s part will not go unrewarded, as the revenue from my inventions will literally be astronomical, and can therefore be fairly dispersed between myself and the University. In exchange for the full patent rights and generous privileges to my invention’s mass royalties, I will hand over control of my operation to the University, so that they can better utilize their faculty and laboratories to expedite the process. With the assistance of this renowned academic institution, and it’s highly reputable staff, I will be able to quickly develop my inventions, the Universities will earn everlasting acclaim as their names are eternally etched into the pages of history, and the world will be well on it’s was to paradise. However, considering the history of man, and behooving the lessons it can teach us, the probability that I will be the target of an assassination is very high. This is regardless of the fact that even after killing me, the genie will have already been let out of the bottle (meaning that the creator of an idea can be killed, but the idea itself can never die). However, in the best interests of both myself and the world, my life must be protected, for my ingenuity will save this world. To secure my safety, I will require protection from all US government agencies, including the military, federal and local police forces, and even the CIA. This will ensure that my ideas do not go unutilized, or worse, fall into the wrong hands. If this unfortunate scenario unfolds, it is very imperative that every single cell composing my physical body (including sperm cells) be preserved with the utmost care and protection (using the most advanced medical technology and pertinent medicines), for the purpose of reproduction and cloning.

To eliminate any remaining shred of doubt that may exist in your minds, within this letter I have included a copy of an article from the Encyclopedia Britannica, one of the most widely read and respected sources of information, on perpetual motion and the three laws of thermodynamics. These laws strictly state that no system can ever produce more energy than it is initially provided with, or in other words, no self sustaining engine can ever exist. Therefore the perpetual motion machine has been described as an impossible dream by most scientists, mathematicians, engineers and inventors, and has therefore remained a largely ignored project of modern science. The possibility of a perpetually running machine has been repeatedly denounced, on the grounds that it violates the first and second laws of thermodynamics; these laws were discovered by the famous physicists Carnot and Boltzman, two men for whom I, Reza Valiyee, have the utmost respect for, due to their enormous contributions to the disciplines of physics and engineering. The laws of thermodynamics state that:

Energy can never be created or destroyed

These laws say that due to entropy, any process that converts a system’s energy into work is never completely reversible. This means that once energy is transferred from one form to another, it always loses some in the form of heat. So the total amount starts diminishing proportional to number of transformation. However, this is a gross misconception that has left many scientists with apathetic views towards the pursuit of perpetual motion; leaving the very much needed invention undiscovered.  The physicists who developed these laws, never attempted to build a perpetual motion machine, and therefore, they never overcame the physical limits their laws defined. Throughout time, people perceived such laws as absolute proof that perpetual motion was a myth, and found alternative means to power their civilizations. However, the laws of thermodynamics, like many scientific models, are subject to misinterpretation, and the misinterpretation of these laws, have greatly impeded the progress of the development of the perpetual motion machine. I for one strongly believe it is about time the world embraced such innovations, rather than regarding them as impossible.

Although, even with such a biased scientific community, there are still those who have faith in the possibility of perpetual motion, as an article from a Princeton University physics book, entitled Physics for the Inquiring Mind, states, there is an existing model for a perpetual motion machine that works, but ha s a very low efficiency. I intend to further develop this model to such a degree that it is not only efficient, but even able to produce immense quantities of energy, whose amount is only limited by the product’s size, which in turn is only restricted by our current industrial capabilities.  

The scientific tools, reason, and principles that I use are the mechanical laws of physics, which are simple, basic, fundamental, absolute, clear, direct, can be understood by nonscientists (such as ordinary people), and is not open to interpretation; these laws are used in dozens of various designs I have for the so called Impossible Dream, the creation of a perpetual motion device. It is also worth noting that Sir Isaac Newton, who still remains one of the most influential and prolific physicists and mathematicians in history, never worked on perpetual motion himself (a common misconception that has endured through time). However, he studied mechanical forces and their implications on engineering, and never denounced the possibility that one could be engineered. Now I am happy to inform you that as of this July 4th, I am ready to transform this planet earth into a utopia, for everyone to enjoy within their lifetime. So say “Hello” to clean air, unlimited emission free energy, which will be available 24-7, everywhere on earth, and saying “Goodbye” to 90% of humanities problems.

Caring citizen of the globe,

Savior of the planet earth,

Reza valiyee

Global United States of the Planet Earth


So, now all of you six billion people of the world’s population can promptly stop your whining and hopeless complaining about energy and global warming, and begin dinning and dancing along with the rest of the world on this joyous and jubilant day. My website will explain more about this miraculous event, so please check it out at, (WWW. Perpetual Unlimited Clean Air Powered Invented Machines. Com).

Although this dream of utilizing natural power sources to perpetually power the world has been around for thousands of years, nobody has been able to successfully and completely use the powerful force of gravity to accomplish this goal. This is one of the only goals set by humankind, which has not materialized within decades of its inception; while other dreams, such as the development of accessible and distributable electricity, automobiles, ships, aircrafts, submarines, telephones, radios, televisions, motion pictures, computers, and even satellite communications capable of traveling as far as distant planets and stars have eventually been achieved. This is not very surprising, considering that the three laws of thermodynamics strictly state that no system can ever produce more energy than it is initially provided with, or in other words, no self sustaining engine can ever exist. However, this is a gross misconception that has left many scientists with apathetic views towards the pursuit of perpetual motion; leaving the very much needed invention undiscovered. The laws of thermodynamics, like many scientific models, are subject to misinterpretation. The scientific tools, reason, and principles that I use however are the mechanical laws of physics, which are simple, basic, fundamental, absolute, clear, direct, can be understood by nonscientists (such as ordinary people), and is not open to interpretation; these laws are used in dozens of various designs I have for the so called Impossible Dream, the creation of a perpetual motion device.

Due to a severe lack of time, my introduction date has been postponed to each and every memorable day. The plans were set in my mind for presentation, yet were not materializing, until I decided that this 4th of July 2008 would have to be the day. I am presenting global freedom from the bondage and slavery, created by the gross usage of harmful, destructive, and finite substance, by coordinating the transition to a clean, unlimited, and everlasting energy source. These sources offer great benefits and uses, with absolutely no negative effects; and they will last as much and as long as our hunger craving for it lasts. My perpetual motion machine will emancipate humankind from the slavery of finite energy sources, such as coal, oil, and the nuclear materials used in nuclear reactors (Uranium 235 and Plutonium 239). These elements are very harmful to human as well as the environment, which is why eliminating their usage is a vital necessity. From this day forward, the Fourth of July will stand for the day of global independence from the harmful, inefficient, and limited energy sources that impede the progress of humankind.

In light of the fact that my invention will forever change the world as we know it, and that many people are deeply opposed and threatened by such change, it seems highly likely that I will be a prime target for assassination (most likely by the oil industries or by nations who depend on oil trade for sustenance). Therefore, I request full protection from all U.S. police forces, state and federal, as well as protection from higher level security and intelligence agencies within the executive branch of the government. Through protecting my life, The U.S. Government can be assured that I will continue to better the world through my astounding ingenuity, and most importantly, they can be certain that my cognitive powers are not utilized by individuals with nefarious intentions.

At the age of 26, I applied to the University of California, Berkeley and studied there for seven years, graduating with a master degree in architecture. While at Berkeley I further developed my strong scientific intuition into one of exceptional expertise, which as helped me greatly in my quest to uncover the secrets of perpetual motion. Through the utilization of both my education and my unstoppable will, I have been very successful in creating fully functional perpetual motion machine designs. However, I am also human and am therefore prone to making errors, due to overlooking some minor flaws in my designs, so this is where the University of California Berkeley comes in; through the support of the University’s many professors in such fields as physics, mathematics and engineering, as well as through the use of their facilities and libraries, my invention will be perfected (by eliminating any minor overlooked errors or flaws) and produced in the shortest amount of time, limited to days. The University will retain the right to implement and control the use of my invention, so that it won’t be misused. The immediate impact of this news would be the drop in gas prices, from $4.00 per gallon to less than $1.00 per gallon, as well as the gradual modification of all vehicles and machines to run using my numerous designs’ as a power source, rather than through combustible energy sources. This should give you an idea of the kind of busy world we will be living in during the conversion period, as well as what kind of administrative powers and resources we will need to govern the world’s daily affairs.

I am requesting that the University of California Berkeley, along with all other colleges and universities, also assist in the forming of new educational institutions, so that the entire world can benefit from a world-class education. The best part of this goal is that the education would be free; however in order to provide such accommodations, a great deal of funds are necessary. It goes without saying that acquiring these financial resources will be very difficult. However, since my invention will generate enormous revenue, not just in the magnitude of millions, billions or even trillions, but quadrillions, this revenue should be more than enough to educate all the people of the world, and should last for 120 years (which is the duration of time I expect my patent rights to last for, instead of the standard 17 years), enabling my nonprofit corporation to convert planet earth to an almost paradise-like state for the six billion people who make up its population, all through the use of education. The newly revamped educational system will be completely free of charge, universally; including everything from kindergarten to university level courses, offering PhD’s and doctorate degrees. The world can rest assured that prosperity is within their horizon, for with the weight of my miracle resting on the strong shoulders of UC Berkeley, fruition is ensured.

My invention, which is nothing short of a fantastic miracle considering it’s subsequent effects on universe, will be a 180 degree  transformation from the present condition of gradual deterioration in which we find out planet. However, my fear is that because there are numerous individuals and high-powered governmental groups that have been putting much time, energy and resources into figuring out the long term energy-use plans of how we as a society are going to survive, once my invention comes out, all of those plans will be obsolete. I fear that some people may be so angry that they spend so much time working on issues that are all of a sudden a moot point that it may spawn some misguided anger, retaliation, or feelings of revenge. In the event of my assassination because of this, I want to line out a few of my requests of how I would like things to play out in the event of my assassination.

You can kill the inventor but not the invention.

I want to be known and the best contributor to the welfare of every living creature on this planet including the planet itself. That said, after my invention goes mainstream, I will have unimaginable revenue at my disposal. My plan is to help those who suffer losses to recoup a reasonable compensation in order to remedy their negative effects and losses.

As far as my physical body is concerned, since I have worked very hard to keep my physical being as close to perfect as possible, my will is to donate every cell of my physical being to research and science for the benefit of human kind.  I want my body to be used for whatever scientific research is prevalent at the time. I am blood type O, which is one of the rarest blood types—only thirty percent of the population is Type O. Because of this, I want too have my blood donated to children’s hospitals in particular.

If at the time of my death it is possible to harvest any of my reproductive organs, I would like to have my sperm donated to banks around the world in order to gradually perpetuate the mixing of all races until we reach one harmonious race in this world. At that time, my hope is that we will be able to have one universal government that will eliminate the need for income taxes and military force. We will also be able to provide free education for everyone and any time any issue amongst ourselves arises, we will be able to solve it with our effective law enforcement and our international court system.  We would be able to have a draft for everyone between the ages of 18 and 20 in order to try to combat all natural disasters such as global warming, hurricane , forest fires, etc. This draft would be not only to give young people the opportunity to gain some independence, but it will give them a very strong sense of self and of purpose as they carry out a few years of civil service, instead of using a draft for purposes involving war or military.

With Unlimited energy in our possession which will last as long as we have these great, natural, inexhaustible forces available to us, we will be able to have the paradise now at the present time rather than after death.






Hope for the heavenly future is here at last, this Fourth of July, 2013! With the World’s first fully operational perpetual motion machines at our fingertips, nothing can stop our quest for a better world.

Miracle in the 21st Century?

Yes, that’s right, I’m not delusional and you’re not hallucinating, but rather we are all experiencing a true miracle, which was complete on April, 4, 2004 (04-04-04). After all, when someone manages to transform the impossible into the possible, doesn’t that constitute a true miracle?

Now we can all stop whining, complaining, and hopelessly praying for a solution to fall out of the sky, and instead begin wining, dinning, dancing, and jubilantly celebrating this miraculous event. So, to all of those ladies and gentlemen named here, as well as the rest of the six billion members of our planet earth’s population, happy Fourth of July and congratulations for being a member of the most fortunate generation of the planet earth; for today you are all recipients of the benefits of the single most important gift the planet earth, as well as the universe itself, will ever receive. Undoubtedly, the revolutionary benefits of this invention will by far exceed the total combined beneficial contributions of anyone in history, including anyone from the past, present, or even future.