Perpetual Motion Machines

Letter written to Senator Barack Obama

Capital Punishment, 2004

Dear Senator Barack Obama,
In your opinion isn’t the thought of dying the greatest fear of all, one which everyone will sacrifice anything for to avoid succumbing to, at all costs? This is especially true for young children and teenagers, who have their whole lives ahead of them.
            During the Iran-Iraq War, children from the age of nine and older were given a red ribbon to wrap around their heads (a symbol of being honored to go to heaven upon death) and a key which they are told is to the gates of heaven, then they are instructed to run though a mine field set by the Iraqi’s until they are killed by the detonation of a mine; the price of one child’s life is the clearing of a single mine from a entire minefield. Now I ask you, if these children weren’t passionately and anxiously counting the seconds until they achieved martyrdom, or if they weren’t so convinced that they would be rewarded with heaven upon their death, would their be enough persuasion or force to get them to commit suicide?  These are the same misguided children who are coaxed into strapping bombs to their waists and then blowing themselves up in a public places, in order to kill as many people as possible and therefore make god even happier, which in turn secures them a higher position in heaven. Now, imagine if a person with this mentality has possession of a nuclear weapon capable of incinerating a hundred thousand or even a hundred million people in the blink of an eye. Do you think that this individual would hesitate for a second in achieving the highest rank of any martyr? Are you willing to allow these “Soldiers of God” to plot their next attack?
            Senator McCain says that even if it takes the troops 100 years to secure our safety, we will not give up, and this is exactly what our motto ought to be. However, you have twisted his statements to secure more votes for yourself by saying, “I am proud of Senator John McCain’s service to our country, but (the word but was clearly enunciated by you for emphasis) he wants to keep the troops in Iraq for a 100 years”. You have completely taken his quote out of context, and spun it to present yourself as the better candidate; is this really appropriate behavior for a commander in chief?  
While you are clearly a charismatic and articulate young go-getter, with the will to change the country, you are direly in need of more practical knowledge and experience. You are very fortunate to be in such a position for your age, as your16 years of service as a senator isn’t nearly enough experience to prepare you for the most powerful position in the world, especially when considering the fact that both Senator John McCain and Governor Mitt Romney greatly outran Obama in terms of senate seniority and world experience. I sincerely hope you are capable of orchestrating delicate diplomatic negotiations throughout the world, in order to secure safety, security, and prosperity for the American people, against a nation which you formerly referred to as a tiny insignificant country, but now are calling the most dangerous county in the world. Also, you have consistently declined to appear on the Bill O’Reilly show, even though the whole world is anxiously expecting you to, and you have even failed to make an educational learning trip to Iraq. I am not sure why you wont visit Iraq, but I am certain you are dodging the O’Reilly show because you are afraid that you will be asked certain questions that you feel you are unable to answer as well as a president should. So, Mr. Barack Obama, when do you plan on appearing on the Bill O’Reilly or Hannity and Colms Show? I am also confused as to why you are always addressing President George Bush as simply George Bush? Is this just your rude way of showing your hatred and disrespect for him? Hasn’t he been your president for the last 8 years?
            In regards to your lack of experience, consider this; can one reason with a child who has been dreaming of visitingDisneyland, to abandon his hopes for happiness in exchange for something that has no value to him? Also note the fact that a Disneyland trip usually only lasts about a day or two. Now replace the child with an adult, Disneyland with heaven, a day or two with eternal life, and add 72 beautiful virgin angels to serve and pamper you for eternity, and you have what many religious fanatics believe will happen if they are martyred for the will of god; meaning if they use the power of the sword on all non Moslems (Kafar) to ensure that the whole world is Moslem. Then, when the Twelfth Imam-Zamm flies down from the sky to earth, pulls out his sword, and kills everyone, he will rid us from this temporary world and send us to the eternal afterlife. There, everyone will go before the magistrate of god to be evaluated for there behavior while on earth and those who are righteous will go to heaven, while the sinners go to hell and burn for eternity.
            Now, please tell me what you intend to offer these fanatics that is worth more than Martyrdom, which promises that 72 pretty virgin angels will be waiting to serve, pamper and pleasure them the moment they leave this world.  Do you have any doubt that the use of nuclear weapons will result in the triggering of numerous nuclear counterstrikes throughout the world, ultimately leading to the end of life as we know it. Without the phenomena of life gracing this planet, our earth will be just as desolate as the other countless planets in the universe. This is the moment when you should truly appreciate how important the security of our planet earth is, however, while the American troops in Iraq are approaching the region which poses the highest resistance, you are proposing to bring them home and forget about this imminent threat. Now, considering how fast nuclear carrying rockets can travel, is that a wise decision for a commander in chief to make?