Perpetual Motion Machines

Friday, July 4, 2014

Dear Honorable Supreme Court Justices of the United States,

First I want to take this opportunity to wish you all and the rest of Americans a very Happy Fourth of July!
The DAY OF independence for all Americans!!!
Although America has had many great and proud moments that only our great nation has achieved, the Fourth of July stands as a testament to the “Can Do” Spirit of America. Who would have thought that small colonies could stand up to the British Empire, and win? In addition to the fourth of July, I want to congratulate every one of you nine justices for having acquired your positions as a result of your hard work, diligence and outstanding track record. Each and every one of you has been nominated as the most powerful people on the face of the earth. Senators and congressman have approved you, and by the vote of a majority you have the authority to evaluate the actions of the most powerful person in the world, that person being the president. I want to share some very important news with you that may seem unbelievable and dream-like in nature. I however, guarantee to you that it is 100% fact and not fiction. I am pleased to inform you nine honorable justices that there is yet a higher level you can reach! Indeed, upon all of your many and well documented accomplishments, a higher service to humanity is awaiting your prudent judgment and knowledge. This can be accomplished within my lifetime. My belief in the following proposal, with which I have swam against the scientific community as a surfer swimming against a tsunami tidal wave, has been undeterred and unwavering since I was a young man. The scientific community’s disbelief in something that I can prove has put this gem of planet earth on a downward slope during the last 200 + years, and has picked up speed on daily basis toward deterioration. This is leading to a state of disbelief and concern. One only need to look out their window to see the pollution, deforestation, and dwindling natural resources as evidence of our incorrect path. As the intelligent animals that we are, in the name of progress and scientific achievement and to increase our so called comforts, we have and still are creating a very troublesome and unsustainable future. I find it hard to believe that the vast majority of Americans would support a future in which subsequent generations live in increasing poverty, reduced health, and lack of basic resources. We are polluting our air, the water, and the environment.  Our appetite for so called progress has not stopped to consult with our conscious or moral judgment. And as long as we crave for more and more, we will be hopelessly trapped in an endless cycle of destruction and despair.  Anyone seeking a high political office knows that energy in the form of fossil oil, coal, nuclear power is among the most important topics of our future. One cannot run for political office without mentioning how they will increase the supply of cheap and affordable fuel while at the same time increasing the number of jobs. There is talk about green energy, but because these talks are dominated by the closed minded scientific community, they often ignore more practical and near endless sources. In the recent happenings in Ukraine, for example, the actions of Russia were blamed on the need for energy. While all along we have had the plentiful-full energy at our fingertips to use which are unlimited and infinite, because no matter how much we use them, they do not lose or reduce in quantity, power, and effectiveness.

​These are: Atmospheric pressure (weight of air)  BUOYANCY,  Gravity

None of the above substances generate heat that would be harmful and all three are available equally to all residents of this planet regardless of where they live or work. Because of this, their adoption as the primary source of energy will reduce poverty, increase jobs and eliminate wars. I am fearful that in the near future the destructive power of explosives will send this planet earth to its grave because of us so called intelligent animals. If we all die and disappear, because of our desire for “progress,” then I can only say that: WE ASKED for it. What about the innocent and silent creatures of the planet that could have survived had it not been for our so-called intelligence? To make the story short, the next level you can reach is the dream of every person reaching the highest level of their capacity at which point they seek the legacy. Everyone’s dream is to be remembered after passing away. You are in a position to reach that level and your names will eternally be recalled in history and be remembered with unmatched admiration because of your contribution to my phenomenal, miraculous dream like impossible invention. Perpetual motion machines The geniuses such as Leonardo Da Vinci could not finish its birth and development. However, with a multitude of advanced technologies and the most well educated populace on the planet earth, we can now finish what other great minds have pondered for so long. What I need you honorable justices to do, is to study my dozens of various designs, remember them, and be my witness as of today the fourth of July 2014. No one has even come close to the creation of a perpetual motion machine, let alone build a useful one to replace all other power sources. And since in the United States, you are the final authority to decide who the creator of namely this miraculous physics principle is   Perpetual motion machines You will its existence unto this earth for the benefit of all mankind in a blink of an eye and set the mind of those who will try to imitate and take credit for its birth.    Perpetual Unlimited Clean Air Self-Powered Invented Machines For drawings, photographs, and diagrams, then discuss with group of mechanical and hydraulic engineers as well as physics’ professor and seek their opinions (if they can momentarily wipeout the notion of perpetual motion machines being impossible through mathematics, engineering,  and vector analysis with regard to physics principles and see that my designs, though very elementary, work and prove that perpetual motion machines are possible. After they review my prototypes, the entire global scientific sector will believe and accept myself as the pioneer inventor   of such machines. I will then introduce my more province ones which are mind-boggling.) They will look at diagrams of my elementary simple designs and share their opinions. Then, upon a genuine examination, inform me as to your opinion and level of cooperation that you are willing to extend to me in lieu or international patent rights as you are well aware of the magnitude of money pouring in to have a piece of the miracle the value of which by far surpasses the collective inventions of any things done in the past or is at the present or will be in the future in a nut shell nothing else will match this phenomena worth quadrillion dollars per year. Quadrillion sound like billion or trillion (u.s.a debt is nearly 18 trillion) but look at this chart and imagine its magnitude:   
​ Quadrillion is $1,000.00 X 1, 000=one Million,  Million X 1000 = Billion,  Billion X 1000 =Trillion,  Trillion X 1000 = Quadrillion   Quadrillion is (1000 to the power of 5) or 1,000,000,000,000,000.  Conclusion: Dear reader, please review my website in order to see how I am planning to turn this world into paradise and eliminate need for wars, reduce working hour, free education, provide free universal health eliminate need for taxes and all problems associated with it’s administration and collection, one monetary system, global warming for entire world college students work, and study, no debt after graduation   Thank you so much Reza Valiyee