Perpetual Motion Machines

Reza Valiyee 

Businessman, Inventor, Global Citizen


It is needless to remind or emphasize the consequences and negative side effects of our ever-increasing thirst and hunger for more energy, a precious and very necessary commodity. Our thirst for more energy has become intensified by our technical advancements, to the point at which we are forced to focus our attention towards the complete understanding and manipulation of this valuable resource. However, if we don’t make some pivotal changes quickly, then our planet will be too unfit to live on within just a few centuries.  These problems precipitate from the use of combustible energy sources (such as coal, oil, and natural gases), as well as from nuclear power plants (whose hazardous wastes emit harmful beta and gamma wave radiation), but most are a direct result of the global economy’s fierce dependency on the few nations whom harbor these precious commodities. Such fossil fuel resources are growing scarce but are still in very high demand, and are quickly becoming catalysts of war in an increasingly desperate world.  In response to this precarious dilemma of ours, all we hear about are the many different types of “band-aids” that we can use to slow down the negative effects of our environmental peril. Yet these impotent mitigation efforts will only reduce the threat by an insignificant degree.


It seems rather redundant and unnecessary to remind and emphasize to you all how important the continuous flow of energy throughout the world is, for without it we couldn’t enjoy the many amenities and luxuries that make life enjoyable, or even the very important ones which make sustainable life possible. We will depend on energy to facilitate in the labor orientated aspects of our work filled lives (via heavy machinery and powerful engines), as well as the analytical parts (through the use of sophisticated computers), despite the many negative byproducts that go hand and hand with its use. These consequences include environmental detriments, long hard labor, and immense monetary costs, which eventually precipitates into 90% of the world’s problems.


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The good news is that, upon presentation and application of my dozens of designs and inventions of fully functional perpetual motion machines, 90% of the world’s problems will disappear. This will mean that everyone will have more time to relax and enjoy their lives (the time that would have been allocated towards the production and distribution of the energy needed to suit all of life’s many needs); the same will be true for all of the expenses that will be saved through the use of my inventions. The many problems associated with the various financial differentials between people will vanish, including jealousy, greed, etc., as well as the palpable animosity between different classes of people. In a nutshell, these problems will be remedied through the simple fact that every member of the world’s population will enjoy a significant increase in their wealth, allowing for a much higher standard of living for everyone. More time can be spent enjoying sports, traveling and vacationing, and embarking on other healthy recreational practices; this will ensure that everyone can enjoy paradise in their lifetime. This will be my legacy and gift to all of the world’s six billion person population, for they are all my beloved fellow occupants of the planet earth, and are my global citizens (Globins). 


All of these ingenious designs were completed by me before April 4th 2004 (04-04-04), total is twelve. This is a very significant number, that has unparalleled importance on earth as well as in the outside universe. An example of its importance can be seen when observing a circle, (the most important shape in mathematics) whose perimeter can be broken into exactly six segments, which is half of twelve. 3+4+5=12 a right angle triangle one of most useful phenomena of Geometry, 12 hours = ½ day,  six segments of circle x 2 = 12. 12 x 2 = 24 hours, 12 x 5 = 60 minute in one hour, etc. Throughout planet earth and the universe which seems to be spherical composed of unlimited number of circles


Lastly, since the need for war will automatically disappear and all problems will be handled in an international court of law, under the enforcement of one unified law enforcement agency, all present members of law enforcement (marines, navy, army, police, etc.) will spend their time and budgets on the expansion and development of helpful and constructive services for the community. In short, we will soon have more time and money than we know what to do with, all courtesy of me, Reza Valiyee, and my inventions, which will change the course of the world (planet earth) and its effects on the universe as well; so I welcome you to the future world and universe.   


I ask that you please review the details of my proposal in my article, which is conveniently posted on my internet website atWWW.PUCASPIM.COM (which stands for as soon as you read this letter, as it contains very important information regarding the future of our planet earth. Then, if you wish to contact me, we can begin taking the appropriate preliminary steps and developing the right plan. So if you are willing and ready, contact me so that we can take action immediately.