Perpetual Motion Machines

Letter to the Supreme Court Justices of the United States

July 4th, 2013

Honorable Justices of the United States of America:

        As a multinational, highly educated, and sincerely passionate member of the planet earth’s 6 billion population and in particular a proud and prosperous resident citizen of the United states and native citizen of Iran, I want to take this opportunity to express my utmost admiration and pride in your many achievements that you have made before and after obtaining the highest positions in the judicial arena, to a degree of such heights that there seems to be no position higher than you currently have with which to strive for and to achieve even greater power and prestige. But let me bring to your attention my opinion that there is one more supremely important position that you could gain with very little effort, very little hard work, little struggle, and that the proportion of what effort would be required of you versus the proportion to what you gain is so high that…

Winning a billion dollar lottery bought for just one dollar could not match it.

        This higher position is the result of witnessing a very simple apparatus work and function against worldwide skeptic scientific belief that perpetual motion machines are impossible. These skeptics will not change their tone until you, as the most discriminating and knowledgably individuals in the United States judicial system see one of my dozens of various designs actually working and producing energy to be utilized in all aspects of planet earth’s needs for a power source. The need for this vast amount of energy is the root of 90% of planet earth’s problems. This insatiable unquenchable thirst results from an ever increasing desire to have more and more unclean fuel with which to produce food, drive our cars, build our infrastructure, and live a modern productive life. The thirst and hunger for these energy sources have caused various geographical sections, nations, countries, etc. of the planet earth to secure stock piles in order to making sure they don’t run out and that their economies don’t crash. We now apply and rely on military force and strength as a band aid solution without even considering the negative side effects of continually burning fossil fuels such as the Chernobyl Russian nuclear accident, Japan’s nuclear disaster after the tsunami, etc., etc..

          Since it is impossible for fossil fuels, oil, gas, and coal to adequately satisfy the greed and desire for more and more of our increasing energy needs we must find alternative sources.  Despite the promise of several alternative sources that we already possess at hand, our needs and desires will far out face our development and not even the addition of complete conversion of existing sources of energy to wind and solar power will alleviate our concerns with respect to our needs and the environmental damages that we face.

           As we all know amongst thinkers, scientists, inventors, etc, perpetual motion machines have been given quasi-adequate attention for the last several hundred years. Since the dawn of human civilization we have relied on the sun to grow our crops, and our animals to pull our wagons. We have gone through many stages of development from owning slaves to splitting the atom. Our mathematicians and greatest minds have disagreed with one another from the classical era, to the medieval period, to the enlightenment. However, we have always been creative and skeptical of new and radical means that shake up the status quo. The hero of the western world, Leonardo Da’Vinci dreamed and designed several perpetual motion machines without the help of the United States government, our top universities, or our advanced equipment. Nay, he even dared to dream these machines while the need for perpetual motion was not as dire or as disparate as it is today. Despite this, the scientific community has been in a state of perpetual discouragement by the miss interpretation of newton’s thermodynamic laws stating that it is absolutely impossible to invent such a machine and even a giant of ingenuity such as our international geniuses of art, engineering, design, and invention after some considerable efforts gave up on the idea and joined the crowd of non-believers and towards the opposite direction.

But why give up so easy? Did Rome get built in a day? Did Franklin Delano Roosevelt dare to dream that an atom could be split and provide the funding to Robert Openhiemer and Albert Einstein for the creation of a massive weapon of war and a massive engine for nuclear energy?

           Deep down all thinkers have a ray of hope in their thoughts that someone knowledgeable and credible might manage to assist in the safe transition away from fossil fuels and into clean energy. There is a lot of talk about hydraulic fracturing to release natural gas. However, this process is destroying our planet and an alarming rate and will not last forever. The true lesson of the 20th and 21st century will be carved into the memory of our children starting that:


I have managed to come up with some noble scientific manipulation of physics principles and laws that demonstrate clearly and succinctly that this dream has become a reality today. These overlooked and underfunded developments are rife with benefits and are carried on the shoulders of sound giants of logic. By daring to dream we have achieved what many have called the impossible:


                  Perpetual motion machines have up until now been described as being a dream like a garden which is said to have every single fruit known to man and coziness that paradise will bear and produce similar to an Elysian heaven imagined by the ancient Greeks. Also similar to this metaphor of perpetual motion being a sacred garden is that the location of this sacred garden is on top of Mount Everest with numerous difficult and nearly impossible roads leading to it. Everyone seems to know that in their heart this place exists. Then on some other level many individuals know that they process a single piece of the puzzle knowing some information about how to achieve a peaceful settlement atop Mount Everest in this beautiful garden. But never having seen it, when all of the sudden someone claiming that he can climb those roads leading to numerous gates of paradise, we all turn our heads in disbelief going back to the turmoil of our everyday energy crisis needs.

 If anyone can negotiate those roads which require strength and experience that only a few have in their possession, one can concur alongside the greatest thinkers and inventors of our times that after which those few known pieces come together to unlock those gates, we have achieved something great and honorable for the benefit for everyone. The entrance of the garden will be unlocked along with our independence from unclean fuels and our work lives will be richer and more productive.

                The best elements from every tradition, culture, and country will come together this July 4th upon your review and decision to help make this dream come true as we celebrate a brave new world where we rely on simple machines to produce great amounts of energy instead of destroying our planet one oil/gas well at a time.

Keep in mind these gates are locked and no one has ever been through those gates in order to know that those gates work and would actually open and provide entrance to the paradise. But this fact is an unknown mystery to everyone who have never dared even stand at the base of this unreachable place. It is so easy to live our lives having done nothing but allow others to make simple bandages that solve complex problems. Having studied physics and engineering since the time when I was fifteen years old I can confidently say that:


                And once I open one gate, then everyone, who has been waiting for one gate to open and to bring their families with them will desire that all the entrances and all the roads be paved easily so that our hard work can be obtained and used at a more expedient pace than the centuries that have led up to this momentous moment of actualization.  To open all the other gates and produce access to a beautiful thing for everyone to use is not easy task. If, assuming no one were interested, or if the world decided for some odd reason that we wish to remain shackled to our current dependence on oil, or even worse that we desired our planet be destroyed through hydraulic fracturing…. Then I would be the only one to benefit by a small margin from the beauty that this garden (PERPETUAL MOTION) holds and offers to mankind. Even if numerous gates were opened then the flood of thinkers would start pouring from every corner of the world (planet earth) but how would they know about…


            … if I am the only one touting its existence. Then you honorable justices who have the ultimate say in the matter would come forward and testify that the


            And in fact, my honorable justices of my beloved country are in a prime position to protect my interests claiming that not only was I the first one but in fact my designs go back to the age of fifteen when I first studied physics books and started thinking about perpetual motion and its possibilities. As such I humbly request that my invention, which will be free to benefit the world, be under my control via an extended patent of 170 years.

            Additionally because of the enormity of its magnitude in terms of financial scale such as:

                        $1000.00 x 1000 = 1,000,000

                        1000 x 1000 = a million

                        1000 x 1000 x 1000 = a billion

                        1000 x 1000 x 1000 x 1000 = trillion

                        1000 x 1000 x 1000 x 1000 x 1000 = quadrillion

QUADRILLION DOLLARS is a kind of sum that would create great temptations amongst even the most honest thinkers, corporations, governmental agencies, countries, universities, etc. To find reasons to be connected to the discovery, designs, means to utilize etc. of this phenomena which is nothing sort of a    MIRACLE

          While being a staunch believer in the lack of existence for miracles relying on the fact that in the scientific communities anyone who believes in the possibility of perpetual motion machines would be looked upon as a simple minded person who does not consider facts and logic in the defense of opposition to perpetual motion machine. This assumption is quite frankly, rude, false, and far too closed minded for the creative and diverse amount of complex problems and solutions we deal with on a typical day in the 21st century.

            I have informed you and written about my perpetual motion machine to various scientific greats, and other great individuals, governmental, education heads, etc. regarding the perpetual motion machine. Most of whom have responded kindly and have politely acknowledged the receipt of the letter but either have not mentioned a word with respect to the perpetual motion machine or instead they have talked about their own interests and efforts in development and progress towards alternative energy which would be but a slight improvement over the present sources that we use to exhaustion and their negative countless effects in this environment, global warming, etc., like use of:

Green energy

Renewable energy

Sun, wind, etc.

            But no one who’s opinion counts and carries weight talks about perpetual motion. This is until they see one of my working models and designs that will be the corner stone of not only the new American dream but also the new global dream which is to produce energy for everyone. Then everyone is going to turn around 180 degrees and come up with various reasons and excuses for why they did not get it production quicker and how they wish they would have accepted the reality rather than being skeptical.

            In fact the subject has become such a taboo subject that no one in their heart or in their right minds wants to be in any way shape or form to have any connection with the subject such as when Mr. President Barack Obama after a long delay in response addressed me as


            Showing his kindness, respect, and concerns… yet not having any kind of relation or knowledge about the subject of perpetual motion machine which is quite understandable because he always emphasizes how much he cares about finding solutions for the ills of the world and planet earth due to the extremes with which we search and hunger for more and more energy to consume.

            All these various sources of energy they talk about have finite life and quantity which will be dead ends by the time our children inherit what is left of the earth. In a period of mere decades compared to trillions of years of existence one may say that we destroyed the world


Yet we are putting all our eggs into a meaningless basket, meaning our survival which is dependent on the existence and life of aforementioned energy sources since in the last couple of centuries our needs and uses have increased at such a speed that it seems within just the next few centuries not only will we be exhausting sources such as fossil oil, coal, underground gasses, and destroying the environment through rock cracking etc., which their negative effects will end up destroying our environment such as populated air (not fit for breathing)… we will transform the planet earth into an unlivable planet that cannot produce air necessary for living.

            Tests have shown that without food we may be able to last several weeks, without water several days of uncomfortable living, and without air only several minutes of life while suffocating.

And we gloat about nuclear power. The negative effects of it during a mishap or worst yet a miss use by a rogue nation against another nation will cause a domino effect ending with us saying


And the history of the universe will record us as the most intelligent species of the planet earth’s millions of living creatures/species. We will have called ourselves human beings capable of using our intelligence not to better ourselves but to eliminate the planet earth from the universe.

            The laws of probability indicate that the planet earth will not be the only planet with living creatures on it because evidence proves that there are more galaxies than there are grains of sand on the beaches of this planet. But then again what if we are wrong in our assumptions and the planet is the only one that is fit for living. Additionally, the likelihood that we will be able to leave our planet earth for another planetary body ready to sustain life, and bring all those effected by our poor decisions, is so small that it is a dream even more unlikely than winning the lottery.

            Can we then change our minds after all is said and done? Will we be content to regret what we have done to this gem of the finest cosmic jewelry? Will we be able to apply our same old remedies and repair all the damage we have created?


We can’t. That would be the end of the planet earth. We would just be proud of our stupidity and ignorance which we describe as “Intelligence.”

Well hurray for destroying this gem of planets and eliminating it for our future generations of our children’s children via our intelligence our reward was a few years of fossil fuels.

            But what about all other creatures and plants, that had nothing to do with our intelligence of lack thereof? When did they agree to be sacrificed?

Because nuclear power and environmental destruction does not discriminate amongst those who did and did not create it. It destroys anything and everything.

            But now you are going to ask the million dollar question from I (Reza)

“Well Mr. Smart Alec…. nice critics, what is your solution and suggestion? Or do you just know how to point out the obvious without a thought to how to remedy it?”

I have described in the text of my website (PUCASPIM.COM)…there are numerous sources of energy and power available to us that are enormously large in magnitude and inexhaustible in quantity. Most if not all have none of the negative effects and none of them use heat or explosions to produce power. Namely:

  • atmospheric force
  • buoyancy force
  • gravity force
  • magnetic forces
  • artificially manufactured forces such as springs

Now this is where you nine honorable justices of the United States come into the picture. You have already reached the highest position in the judicial arena of the world and there is no higher stage you can strive to reach called Legacy:

            Honorable chief justice and eight other honorable justices

I am not asking you to do anything or do any favor for me or the other seven billion population of the world. All I am doing is asking you to review my proposal, carefully. (You don’t have to believe in its validity or possibility) Just try to remember the dates and each step of the process in detail so that when everyone from various corners of the world tries to claim various portions of responsibility then I will remain the sole owner of the invention and command the ways in which it will transform the world.

            You are going to be the best witnesses (eye witnesses) which will make the final say, or final judgment easy, smooth, and without any complication.

            But all you will gain for your efforts will be like a dream. The extra honor and claim to fame that will be attached to your legacies will rival that of Ghandi, George Washington, and Leonardo Da’Vinci.  This fame has not been received by more than a very small handful of people in the history of the world and that is your prize. Your names will be carved onto stone in the history of the world’s new beginning as a part of the process that led to the transformation of the planet earth into paradise.

            My invention, which is nothing short of a fantastic miracle considering it’s subsequent effects on universe, will be a 180 degree  transformation from the present condition of gradual deterioration in which we find out planet. However, my fear is that because there are numerous individuals and high-powered governmental groups that have been putting much time, energy and resources into figuring out the long term energy-use plans of how we as a society are going to survive, once my invention comes out, all of those plans will be obsolete. I fear that some people may be so angry that they spend so much time working on issues that are all of a sudden a moot point that it may spawn some misguided anger, retaliation, or feelings of revenge. In the event of my assassination because of this, I want to line out a few of my requests of how I would like things to play out in the event of my assassination.
You can kill the inventor but not the invention.
           I want to be known and the best contributor to the welfare of every living creature on this planet including the planet itself. That said, after my invention goes mainstream, I will have unimaginable revenue at my disposal. My plan is to help those who suffer losses to recoup a reasonable compensation in order to remedy their negative effects and losses.
As far as my physical body is concerned, since I have worked very hard to keep my physical being as close to perfect as possible, my will is to donate every cell of my physical being to research and science for the benefit of human kind.  I want my body to be used for whatever scientific research is prevalent at the time. I am blood type O, which is one of the rarest blood types—only thirty percent of the population is Type O. Because of this, I want too have my blood donated to children’s hospitals in particular.
            If at the time of my death it is possible to harvest any of my reproductive organs, I would like to have my sperm donated to banks around the world in order to gradually perpetuate the mixing of all races until we reach one harmonious race in this world. At that time, my hope is that we will be able to have one universal government that will eliminate the need for income taxes and military force. We will also be able to provide free education for everyone and any time any issue amongst ourselves arises, we will be able to solve it with our effective law enforcement and our international court system.  We would be able to have a draft for everyone between the ages of 18 and 20 in order to try to combat all natural disasters such as global warming, hurricane , forest fires, etc. This draft would be not only to give young people the opportunity to gain some independence, but it will give them a very strong sense of self and of purpose as they carry out a few years of civil service, instead of using a draft for purposes involving war or military.
            With Unlimited energy in our possession which will last as long as we have these great, natural, inexhaustible forces available to us, we will be able to have the paradise now at the present time rather than after death.

From the Bottom of My Heart,

Reza Valiyee