Perpetual Motion Machines


Here Now at the Present Moment, Rather Than the Time After your Death.


Hello to all six billion members of our planet earth’s population, happy Fourth of July and congratulations for being a member of the most fortunate generation of the planet earth; for today you are all recipients of the benefits of the single most important gift the planet earth will ever receive. The revolutionary benefits of this event will by far exceed the total combined beneficial contributions of anyone in history, including anyone from the past, present, or even future. This is especially true when we consider the fact that this planet might just be the only life sustaining celestial body that we will ever know of, even with our wealth of knowledge and intricate scientific instruments. So, this Fourth of July will stand as the world’s day of Independence from the shackles of inferior and detrimental energy sources.

Reza Valiyee for the Global United Population

Paradise Now

July 4, 2014

The invention


Today is the Day of the Machine's Unveiling